Thursday 8 March 2012

The Power of Why by Helen Yee

This year I found myself short of time but still wanting to create vision cards to help me keep in touch with my intentions for the new year. While I saw these simple cards as a temporary solution, until I could dedicate time to find juicy and intuitive images to add power and insight to my intentions for the year, it has turned out to be something I might just leave as is.

I didn't want to just command myself to exercise, or drink more water, or compose, or practice. I wanted to infuse these ideas with something more meaningful to me, more motivating than the imperative "Do this!" I don't know about you, but somehow commands often arouse a deep-seated rebellious instinct in me, as if there were someone outside of myself telling me I "should" do this and that. To dig deeper I wanted to remind myself why I was making these choices.

Why? What is the deeper reason I am interested in this intention?

I simply followed each written intention with an arrow pointing to a powerful Why. Powerful to me, at least. My hope is that each day when I encounter these cards, tucked inside my journal as a book marker, I will reconnect with the essence of what I want create by choosing these actions.

If you find yourself losing steam on an intention or resolution, I invite you to find ways to reconnect with your initial desires. Why do you want to make this change in your life? You might find answers that help you make the little choices each day that point in the direction of those big "Why's."

Helen Yee is an improvising violinist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Currently violinist for the eclectic string trio, Trio Tritticali she also performs on yangqin with Music From China. She considers the practice of improvisation in all its forms a profound teacher in art and in life.

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  1. Excellent idea, Helen! That way, too, you can be open to different ways of fulfilling each "why." Yet another chance to be creative! And I'm with you--I like staying in touch with my priorities more than following orders, even when the orders come from me.