Tuesday 10 April 2012

Creative Dream Adventure with SARK by Andrea Schroeder

Years ago, I went to Toronto to do a writing workshop with Creative Dreamer Extraordinaire, SARK.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to be invited back to SARK's hotel room (!) to hang out and keep chatting about Creative Dreams and writing and succulence and all things juicy.

It wasn't too long before we got hungry and ventured out to find some food. It was a really lovely night (spring, I think?) and we walked around for a while, looking for a place with yummy food that wasn't obnoxiously loud (which is difficult to find in downtown Toronto and one of the reasons why I moved away from there).

At one point, SARK stopped in front of a beautiful rug shop, with piles of gorgeous handmade rugs piled up in the windows and proclaimed:

"I Have A New Creative Dream!"

First we stood in silence, feeling the magic of a new Creative Dream being born.

Then SARK shared her dream: to be photographed naked on those piles of rugs.

I share this story to say: there are a lot of ways to have a Creative Dream.

And whatever your dream is - it's perfect. Just the way it is.

Most people think their dreams are too big or too strange or too impossible or too grandiose or too flashy or too stupid or too small or too insignificant.

Not creative enough. Not worthy. Not interesting enough. Not anything that anyone is ever going to really care about...

But the thing is, your dream isn't anything but perfect.

Even though sometimes it's so hard to see that. And it's so easy to compare your dreams with other people's dreams and feel like your dreams come up short.

But the thing is, your dream isn't anything but perfect.

Remember that, sweet pea.

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  1. Great story! I love SARK's dream! It's a good reminder to be fun and authentic about our dreams, to be conscious of them even when they don't seem serious or important--they're still about us living life richly. Thanks!