Wednesday 25 July 2012

Overpacked by Aimee Cavenecia

It's very clear for me that whenever I leave for a short trip -- I overpack. (And I am known amongst friends to be a super-light traveler.) The trip could be a weekend getaway or a month overseas, it really doesn't matter. But I can be pretty sure, that I will return with things that went unused because they were not needed. Are you the same way? Do you return from trips with articles of clothing still folded in your bag? Just like they were when you packed it? What about life? Are you overpacked for that trip? Life is a wild unpredictable ride. But what I am learning is; so little is needed. Here are 7 tips on how to simplify your life, along with 3 questions to keep in mind. Don't rush through them with a sweeping glance. Really sit with them and open yourself to what you are reading. Listen to thoughts and answers that come up for you.

How to Simplify Your Life

Look at how your time is spent. What are you doing everyday? Are you doing what truly suits you? What's most important to you? Value each day, it only happens once. Learn to say no. Be honest with yourself & with other people. Say no to what you really do not want to do. Do not waver. Be clear. Purge & simplify & organize your stuff. What do you really use? What do you really love? Get rid of the rest. Then organize what is left. Downsize your responsibilities. Downsize your home & car, downsize your bills & expenses -- downsize your obligation to maintain & live for stuff. Focus on the day & that day only. Start the day with clarity. Know your priorities for each day. Forget the rest (until it has its own day & time for action). Relish & appreciate time spent doing nothing. Consider scheduling it. Learn to value time spent decompressing & relaxing. This does not mean zoning-out, it means simply being. Go for the best in life, not the most in life. What is best for everyone is not the same. Find out what it is best for you. Keep it as your benchmark.

Questions to Keep in Mind

  • Will this food cleanse me or clog me?
  • Will this item simplify my life or clutter it?
  • Will this arrangement stress me or relax me?
We make life so complicated, when it really doesn't need to be. Just maintaining a sense of clarity can make a world of difference. It can actually transform our life. Being clear about what is important (for us): what we love, & in what environment we thrive -- allows not only others to experience us at our best, but we get to experience ourselves at our best.

Aimee Cavenecia (also known as AimeeLovesYou) is an author & activist who is currently igniting a Bliss & Self-Mastery revolution through her weekly blog Sunday Is For Lovers. Aimee's life-work is to share her insights on Seeing, Loving & Being (SLB), as well teaching meditation to people globally via the internet.

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