Friday 3 May 2013

Can Wet Matches Dry?

Have you ever felt soggy?
Soggy is a hard place to work from

But how do you create a spark when you feel soggy?
Wet matches don't light

What dries me out?
Friends do.
And my puppy.
And my husband (sometimes....)
Just sitting and staring into space
A walk

It is interesting to think about creating the conditions for sparks to happen. 

Ideas and thoughts - when they collide - create sparks. When that happens, the conditions to fan those sparks into flames have to be right.  Warm, Dry, Lots of Oxygen....

Like the weather, my life has patterns and seasons. Lately has felt a bit like the rainy season and I'm definitely feeling a bit soggy.

I do hope my wet matches can dry soon. 

What conditions create sparks and flames for you? What dries out your wet matches?

Kim LeClair can be found in Chicagoland with a hair dryer and wet pack of matches...and her puppy...


  1. I am definitely a seasonal person. Fall and spring seem like the seasons when I can make things happen. Winter and summer are the seasons that I let the ideas percolate.

    Being around supportive people or taking a great class helps to get the creative sparks working after a dry spell for me.

  2. I love this analogy Kim! xox