Thursday 10 May 2012

Strawberry Waffles and Prosperity by Susan Cadley

We sat across from each other in the restaurant booth, chatting away about the church service we just attended and our plans for the upcoming week. Two friends sharing breakfast and life’s details. Little did I know that I was going to receive a lesson in prosperity after the strawberry waffles had been enjoyed, bite by luscious bite.

My friend Edith was 79 years old when we met; I was in my 20’s. We formed a close friendship right from the start. I had just moved to a new city in my home state of Michigan to begin a new job in outside sales. I settled into a townhouse and during my first week there, I had a problem with the lock on one of the windows. I called the leasing office and they sent a maintenance man right away. A very friendly young man, my age, showed up to fix the window. We talked about how I was new in town and was hoping to meet people with like interests. He noticed some books I had on my table and shared with me there was a book study group that in the townhome complex I lived in. The book study was based on “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. He said he would contact the person who was hosting the group and ask her to invite me. Unknowingly I was about to enter into what would become a catalyst of my spiritual growth.

Edith was the leader and teacher of the group and everyone else was my age. We would read a chapter aloud and then discuss how it applied to us and what we might be experiencing. I could tell everyone was hanging on Edith’s words as she added her wisdom to that of Louise Hay. At the end of the night, someone had to drive Edith home, and I always volunteered. As we slipped through the darkness, I became more illumined as she continued to share her wisdom with me. It was during these slow drives to her home that we became friends. I often felt like I was riding on air as I drove home after dropping her off, thinking about all I was learning.

Edith and I began attending church together, someone would bring her to church and often I would drive her home. It was then that we occasionally stopped for lunch. Since Edith was on a limited income and I had a “corporate” job, so I picked up the check when we would go out. She was a gracious receiver most of the time, until the day we both ordered the waffles with strawberries on top. As I went to grab the check at the end of our meal, Edith told me that this time she would like to pay. I insisted and she sternly told me that if I did not allow her to treat me, I would be blocking her prosperity. What?? This stopped me in my tracks, Edith explained: she was a great believer that what you give comes back to you ten fold. She told me that she needed an opportunity to give, so that her prosperity would remain flowing. With that in mind, I said a gracious thank you. To this day I allow others to give to me with this idea in mind. Giving and receiving need to flow and if we lean too much in either direction, our life can get out of balance. Share, give freely, love and also receive this so you not only experience your good, but also assist another person’s prosperity flow.

Wishing you prosperity in all forms, and a waffle with great big strawberries on top!

Susan is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Soul Coach and sole proprietor of Living From Within, LLC. Through counseling, coaching, creative workshops, book studies, and writing, Susan guides you to hear and live the messages of your soul.


  1. I will remember this Susan. Thank you!

  2. Fun! I'd love to read more about your times with Edith!