Tuesday 29 May 2012

Your Creative Dream Team

The amazing dreamers who make up Creative Dream Journals are all alumnae of a powerful small group coaching program called Circe's Circle: Your Creative Dream Team. Led by creative living coach Jamie Ridler, this program is designed to help you bring a project to life in an inspiring environment, adding powerful tools to your dreamer's resource kit and growing your awareness of and confidence in your own unique magnificence

“Circe’s Circle felt like a nurturing cocoon for my dream. Knowing that I had that kind of support and encouragement helped me face the many fears that came up along the way. It also kept me on track and moving forward." Andrea Schroeder.

“[Circe's Circle] helped me to take each of the strands of my identity and weave them into a beautiful fabric that I feel proud to share with the world.” Amy Palko

Discover your magnificence and gain a creative dream team here.

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