Thursday 4 April 2013

My Creative Groove by Julie Gibbons

I forge each day fresh and new

I think bravery is key to it. That and keeping an open heart. When it comes to the acting out of it, anyway.

Fine tuning intuition helps, to hear the rhythm of the ebb and flow that makes for a more sensual dance.

Of course there's an overall plan. A direction. Needs and wants. Family and fortune. They play their part - for I'm not yet a free spirit in the wind.

And then there's also the wee bouts of obsession.

When I get so very enthused about my latest thing that I want to tell everybody I meet about it (and persuade them to get started, too?)


Those types of obsessions help shape my every day. They become a part of me.

Daily rituals, they change all the time

Creative energy is hard to pin down. Lithe and fluid, it grows and shrinks according to nutrients and kindness.

Sometimes it's loud and other times it just needs to be still.

Learning how to not force it is an art. Like all art, this takes practice and dedication.

When it comes down to it, there's a type of sacrifice that has to be made. An offering of self.

Creative source, I will open myself up to your whim and in return, you will inhabit me and I shall harness your energy to create form in this world.

  hoop spin

Today that form may be hoop dance, tomorrow the making of mandalas. I am listening to your desires. 

Together we will make the choice. One eye on the plan, the other turned into my soul.

Surrendering to change

Sometimes it seems as if I might fall off this very earth if I don't hold on tight - just go zooming off into the cosmic soup, leaving a shimmering jet trail behind.

That's when I know I'm holding on too tight. When I'm letting my rituals dictate the day.

  back hoop

That is when it's time to take some deep breaths and relax. To let go of the shoulds and the musts (even when those should and musts come disguised as delicious friends, like yoga or morning pages ; a country walk or home baked bread.)

Sometimes they're not of my choosing, not in my control. These are the ones that need the most kindness bestowed in the moment of release.

My relationship with this creative life

I've chosen to live creatively with freedom.

I refuse to be bound with exclusivity agreements - I want to date many more creative passions.

It doesn't always come easy. Often, I'm not very good at it and other times, it is simply too fleeting to grab hold of. There's also plenty of disapproval and a distinct lack of safety nets along the way.

But you, dear creative source, your energy just keeps giving and I am grateful for every single one of your gifts.

  hoop joy

Journal Prompts:

  • What rituals are part of your daily rhythm that you feel might not be serving you in this instant?
  • How do you feel about letting them go for the moment? ( Remember, you can reintroduce them anytime.)
  • Can you identify a new passion that you feel drawn to flirt with?
  • How do you imagine you would feel after trying out your new passion for a week?

Julie Gibbons enjoys art journaling, journal therapy and mixed media. Her passion is self discovery through intuitive, creative practice, to reveal personal patterns, symbolism & archetypes of the true self.
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  1. Every time I look at that 4th photo - I just want to jump up and holler with pure JOY !!!

    1. Sounds good to me, Kim! It makes me laugh every time and I'm also inspired to move away from the desk and get my play on :)

  2. Love this Julie. You touched so many parts of the creative life. You look like you are having so much fun.

    1. Thanks Ginny - hooping has become my go to to get laughing!

  3. WOW Julie. Thank you for writing this. I so understand that locked-in, overcommitted, tight-space feeling when I don't 'date other creative passions'! ALso: Learning not to force it is an art...YES YES YES!

    1. Hugs to you dear Shelley - together we shall embrace our artful promiscuity ;)

  4. You my friend simply rock my World!

    1. Thank you - never have I met a stronger advocate for creative living than your brave self, Deb xo

  5. I am flirting with facing my fear of a blank canvas by experimenting with Intuitive Painting workshops!!

  6. Julie, you are pure joy. My daily rituals include cherishing myself, meditation, yoga and a green smoothie. And I write, daily. And love my kids. Today, I am diving in to a canvas after or while or inbetween a newsletter send out. And a blog post. And some mail art. xoxoox S