Friday 28 June 2013

Free to Make Mistakes By Ginny Lennox

It is interesting how kind I can be to someone else if they make a mistake and how hard I used to be on myself if everything was not perfect. But I am learning that it is ok to make a mistake. I have to admit I like knowing what I am doing and I like being good at what I do. I also realize that the fear of making a mistake has kept me from trying new things especially if it was something physical. But I have also come to realize, rather late in life, that it is better to try and to make a mistake than to never have the fun of trying. In my fifties I learned to snow ski and to snorkel. Both took me awhile to learn but both were so worth the effort. There were lots of crazy moments learning but the memories provide lots of laughter. When I turned sixty I became immersed in yoga. Again, there were lots and lots of mistakes. But the yoga community was not only welcoming but encouraging. No one but me cared if I could do a perfect downward facing dog and pretty soon I was so happy with my own progress that I stopped comparing myself to everyone else.

Once I realized how great it felt not to compare myself to anyone else while practicing yoga, I made an effort to stop comparing myself in other areas of my life. Comparison can stop you from moving forward and I always want to keep my journey moving. I still want my work to be good but it doesn’t have to be perfect. When I look at my work now, it is with kind eyes. The same kind of eyes I use to look at the work of others. I look for the colors I like in my painting or the sentence that pulls everything together in my blog post. Not having to be perfect is such an easier way to live. It is such a kinder way to live. So now when I make a mistake, I just laugh and move on.

                     I saw the following quote on Pinterest and I think it says it all.

“Imperfection is a form of freedom.” Anh Ngo    It feels good to be free.

Ginny, a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, believes that each and every day is filled with special moments to be enjoyed and treasured. On her blog, Special Moments in Time, Ginny encourages everyone to recognize and celebrate their own special moments each day.

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