Monday 10 June 2013

Mishaps, low points, and finding a way forward by Angel Young

I think there's quite a lot of variation in the doldrums. From a small mishap to a full blown low that can last much longer. There's a quote I love from a poet called Tony Harrison - he says something like "I know the darkness. The darkness is my friend." It's a good thing to remember when you are in the middle of it. It is a friend. A part of the transformation to the next step or the next understanding. Oh but it's so hard to come to terms with in the moment!

The first thing is to feel it out - is this me / or have I absorbed some feelings from someone else?

Second thing is - is this what I would call "environmental" - ie it isn't you really, but something in your environment. I find that can be quite broad. So think small first - if I move my room about will that help? Have I had enough fresh air / exercise / food etc. Do I need to smudge the house to clear the vibes?

But it can also be much wider. A good check for that is - are all my friends facing similar questions / doubts? Sometimes the universe sets a question and leaves you in a quandary to work it out. At the moment I know quite a few people, including myself, who are having to face up to our own self care. Sometimes you find everyone is arguing. Or that everything you try to progress becomes like walking through treacle. When it's like this try to detach. It's not personal! Let the process evolve, but try not to fight it! Or as little as possible. :) Take some time out. Look for the hints of where it's been going wrong, so you can make the small corrections needed.

Of course, sometimes it is personal. It's good to have a First Aid kit ready to deal with that in advance - so you can have some strategies ready to go. So what helps, what works? A bath? A trip to the cinema? Meeting with friends? A reiki session. Have a think - decide what is good for you.

Whatever happens remember it will pass. It's ok to have a natural pause. Like winter, eventually spring will return. There's no need to fight the ebb and flow of the creative seasons. A way forward will emerge.

Angel lives in the UK and currently loves her Medium Format camera.

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