Wednesday 31 August 2011

Meet the Dreamers: Susan Cadley

Susan Cadley

I’m a ponderer, I just can’t help it. My curiosity about human behavior, spirituality, creativity, animals, the life force, cultures, health, shamanism, the elements, dreams…ok…I could go on, and I will here. I’m always reading, listening, thinking, wondering, jotting it down or typing it up. I’ll be sharing what I what I’m noticing, processing and learning.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Soul Coach in private practice. My counseling orientation is integrative as I attend to the body, mind, spirit and emotions and the rich information they each can provide. I believe that each day is a gift and there’s richness available to you in every 24-hour timeframe. The possibilities are limitless. I also believe that you are the most interesting person you’ll ever know.

You are a soul – a shining light. You are not your roles, thoughts, career, economic status or who others think you are. My intention in my profession and writing is for you to be able to hear the messages of your soul so that you can live a fulfilling life as the authentic, real you.

Website: Coaching for Your Soul. Blog: Soul Tending. Twitter. Facebook.

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