Sunday 9 October 2011

Listening to the Whisper by Michelle Reinhardt

I think that creating in any way shape or form is an incredibly courageous act.  It doesn't matter if that creation is simple or complex.  Whether it is a new recipe, a new hairstyle, a doodle or a symphony, it is all brave.  All creation is nourished from deep within.  Desires, cravings, revelations, hints, choices, inclinations all guide the way but most often it is my faintest whispers that hold the most richness and truth.

I've always had dreams. Usually they have remained just that, dreams.  Stuck in my head, not given much attention, not written down or drawn or put on a vision board.  Barely squeezed in between all that happens every day. The fact that some of them have come true is evidence to me of the power of giving even the smallest bit attention to those whispers.

I am blown away and incredibly inspired by those that create.  I used to separate myself from them and actually say "I am not creative".  Absolute hogwash.  What I know for sure now is that everyone and I mean everyone is creative in their own way.  I have been learning so much about the creative process lately and am blown away by how the creators dare to make it happen.   How they take the whisper or dream or yearning and turn it into the book or movie or masterpiece or chocolate chip cookie.  Fascinating if not a bit daunting.

What I have come to believe is that it is gumption and guts and pure desire that makes it happen.  Jotting down the dream.  Taking five minutes to doodle.  Making space to notice. Taking time to paint.  Just showing up if even for two minutes.  I may be wrong but I am listening to my whisper and sometimes it becomes more of a voice that says "oh yes, yes, YES!!!  I am trying to honor the hint of possibility and openness that comes from the simple doodle, the completion of my mostly daily morning pages, the new marinara sauce, the first blog post, the time I take to get quiet and listen.

So I am hoping it can be this simple.  Two minutes, one hour, ten seconds devoted to your dream.  One little itty bitty step.  It's all part of my experiment.  We shall see!

Wishing you joy and clarity and ease and giggles while dabbling with your creations!

Michelle Reinhardt is a seeker of joy and beauty and ease on a quest to create her most authentic blissful life and hopes to help others do the same.  She is fueled by the laughter of children, people living their dreams,  doodling and dancing,  live music, yoga and green smoothies.


  1. I love hearing about this period of experimentation and play, Michelle. You're right, it does take courage and commitment, but the magic is in the beginning. Your post reminds me to play a little more with my creativity, too. Thanks!

  2. I had never given doodling much thought, simplicity and anyone can do this. Mini amount of time could morph into something wonderful.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  3. Michelle, I think this is such great advice. We can all accomplish so much if we take the time to start and then enjoy the process. I remember doodling all of the time in school. It might have been the beginning of some wonderful dreams if I had taken the time to listen. But since I believe it is never too late, I will be listening now.