Tuesday 19 June 2012

Desire - A Rewrite by Angel Young

This is my second attempt at this post - the computer having eaten my first. So I'm following the universe's requirement for a rewrite. It's not, in truth, ideal circumstances as I'm typing this on my smartphone too, really late at night, in my pjs!

But getting back to it ....

What do we really want? It can be a tough question to answer. Strangely my first draft (which was quite different in form) helped me understand that question better in myself.

In this first, lost, draft I was trying to weigh up desires versus the oh so limiting world of "common sense", realising a different logic applies to our heart longings and that can sit uncomfortably in the mainstream world. I'd like to think I had some worthwhile things to say.

But as I wrote out my own conundrum, the need to explain to someone else, to you the unknown reader, some kind of alchemy occurred. I gained a new perspective on my old question.

So I encourage you to do the same. Pick up your pen, phone, pad whatever ... and explain to us what it is that you desire most. Give us details. Let the pen flow with your own heart's truth. What is there, deep in the core of you, that is trying to emerge into the world? Post it here if you need it to be seen and heard. Or just write as if you are going to, so you can tune in to your own voice. Maybe that one pace of separation is enough to hear yourself more clearly, to know the path to take, to step forward to meet your own desires. And the universe is waiting for that expression. How cool is that! Please step forward  - each step aligns you with your own possibility.

Angel lives in the UK and is trying to step forward too!

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