Thursday 13 December 2012

What's Your Metaphor? by Kim LeClair


I’ve been away from Creative Dream Journals for a long, long time. I keep starting to write something or have an idea for a post and it seems to dissolve away into thousands of micro-thought-threads and questions.

But I’m drawn to contribute something, so I’m trying something new - A Creative Dream Journals Pop-Quiz-Post…. 

Here goes: If you described your journey toward your Creative Dreams in metaphor (or simile, or allegory, or get the idea) how would you describe it? 

So would it be a rollicking high-seas adventure or a solo trek thru the desert? What were the stops like along the way? Clearly I’m into the journey idea, but it could be something completely different than a journey - could be more like a retreat or an inward something - don’t know. But something metaphorical - not the ‘actual’ facts but the impression of the facts - a way to describe in story.

So - if you were to sentence complete “Moving towards my Creative Dreams has been like ______ “

I’m working on my own answer too, so I’ll join in the conversation. Have Fun!

Kim LeClair has been a shadow creative for the past 40 years but is finally deciding to come out into the light. Kim is In the Process of Creating her Dream Job....Creative Director of east willow studios. 



  1. Fun idea, Kim! That ocean journey is the first one that popped into my mind, and I think I'm traveling on a kickboard, or swimming with a life jacket. Under and over, this way and that, but continuing toward the far coast.

  2. Great questions Kim.

    Moving towards my Creative Dreams has been like walking Camino de Santiago.

    It's a solitary journey where you are the only one that can do the work but you meet wonderful people along the way that support you, encourage you, give you tips, etc.

    And ultimately you journey this long walk and reach the final destination. Although beautiful, like many journeys you realize it was the journey not the destination.

    The doing the work day to day that brought the change, the joy, the sorrow, and the memories.

  3. OH MY -- LOVING both of these Kelly and Glenda! The "lifejacket" resonates ... so does "meet wonderful people along the way" -- heck, I've needed BOTH of those things...

    Here is my current metaphor -- the kid's game Chutes and Ladders... - I make progress, win a big BONUS and climb up up up, only next turn I land on a chute and 'down,down,down' I go... this game of the creative journey has no ending though I don't think...or maybe there are bigger and better 'levels' that I don't even see yet ...ooohhh, I like that idea!

    So the up and down, the adventure, and the playFULLness!! (oh, also, I'm not playing alone!)