Monday 22 July 2013

Stuck Wisdom by Jodi Crane

I enjoy children’s picture books.  The story.  The illustrations.  The lessons.  The wisdom in their simplicity.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers shares the story of Floyd who got his kite stuck in a tree. Naturally, he took off his shoe and threw it in order to release the kite, but it got stuck too. As you can probably guess, each item he subsequently threw got stuck as well.

Isn’t that what we do? Like Floyd, more of the same hoping we’ll become unstuck. And sometimes even those who try to help us also get stuck as is the case of Stuck where firemen become wedged in the tree. Floyd then takes a saw and… you’d think he’d do something different than his previous attempts at hurling objects. He surprisingly throws the saw, knocking down the kite, because there isn’t room for any more items in the tree.
Floyd is happy. That night he has the sinking feeling he has forgotten something. Yeah, all that stuff still in the tree.

The silliness. The exaggeration and absurdity of this book. What does it tell you about becoming unstuck? And like a good story. I’m not gonna spell it out for you.

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