Friday 13 September 2013

Fields of Weeds by Susan Cadley

Fields of weeds
Dying and drying to straw
Not a part
Of any harvest
Only a reminder of warmth
That has passed overnight
With crisp coolness
Biting at the coattails of summer
Time is hurrying past
The innocence of yesterday
Bare feet running through warm puddles
On heated sidewalks
Time to nestle in
While the leaves rustle about
Scurrying for a place to hide
Silence appears
With the first snowfall
Cleansing the earth if falls upon
Whiteness with grace
Waiting to thaw
And awaken the life held
In the seeds of the weeds
Of yesteryear

Susan Cadley©

Susan is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Soul Coach, SoulCollage® Facilitator and sole proprietor of Living From Within, LLC. Through counseling, coaching, creative workshops, book studies, and writing, Susan guides you to hear and live the messages of your soul.

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