Thursday 15 December 2011

The Ideal Recipe? by Angel Young

Hi dreamers

I've been pondering what to say about the creative process. By far the most useful phrase I've ever read was "the darkness is your friend" by Tony Harrison, from John Tusa's excellent set of interviews about creativity called, handily, "On Creativity". I appreciated that because I love the dark and have always found it a hugely creative time, especially really late at night (not very conducive to the day job), and also because he meant accept the pauses, and that is soooo hard sometimes. I write this with a smile in my eyes because I'm still rubbish at that bit - the pausing bit - but I keep trying!

These things are so personal, it's hard to say something helpful. Meanwhile my husband has been making mincemeat mix - and by that I mean the mince pies kind - do you have them where you are? Little pastry pleasures of fruit and nuts and run and .... well the choice is yours. And I can tell you home made is the best! And isn't that true of the creative process. So this is what helps me. A little recipe to get through the creative process - there are many recipes - but this is one that works for me.

Take a generous portion of silence. Make sure it's good quality, the kind that melts into you on contact.

Combine with stillness - that everything is one moment kind, the type that feels timeless.

Here, I like to add a bit of walking, or canoeing or just being in nature. That really helps.

Allow to steep. Pause a moment to let the juice mix together. Adding some wisdom and experience helps too. You know that if you rush this recipe, it curdles. Make notes, so you can get this bit running perfectly! Then you'll know what to expect.

Now add gentleness and softness. These are required in any recipe. Harsh words ruin the flavour.

Put in the oven and allow to rise. Sometimes there are imperfections - but it's important it takes it's own course. Try not to open the door too soon, or the rush of ideas will escape with the heat!

When it's done, remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Admire what you have achieved. Anyone who tastes it will see it's made of dreams and time and care. Good enough to eat. Enjoy, and share with your friends!

Angel lives in the UK and is having fun bringing more of the things she loves into her life.


  1. Beautiful, Angel. Thanks for the reminders about silence and stillness, something hard to find at this time of year!

  2. Love the idea: "Anyone who tastes it will see it's made of dreams and time and care." So true.