Tuesday 3 January 2012

What Are Your Dreams? by Andrea Schroeder

You already know that your Creative Dreams really are important and needed.

But do you know what all of your Creative Dreams are?

Taking some time to really explore this can open up vast new possibilities.

Your assignment here is to come up with 100 Creative Dreams.

That's 100 things that you would like to do, be or have.

I was given this assignment when I first started taking classes to become a New Thought Healing Practitioner. That was years ago and it remains one of my favourite assignments.

I had a sheet of paper with 100 little lines on it. (I had to write small to fit everything in)

For that whole week, I kept it out on my table with a rainbow pack of coloured pens beside it, always ready to record new dreams.

Any time a wish or idea came to me, I added it to the list. I had 150 dreams when I brought it back to class at the end of the week. And I kept adding to it from there.

What I love about this list is that it opens things up.

It gets you thinking of what you really want.

This is not a list of things to do or dreams to chase after.

Just a juicy list of possibilities.

It can remind you of lost dreams and also it can show you where to go next. Sometimes when we're busy bringing one really super-big-delicious creative dream to life we forget about all of these other things we want to do, too. Taking a little time out to do those things replenishes and refuels and re-inspires us along the creative dream path.

If you already have a list - add another hundred things to it. Or start a new one. We are always growing and changing and our dreams grow and change with us.

Print out the 100 Creative Dreams Worksheet and get started today!

With a paintbrush in one hand & a glitter-gun in the other, Andrea lovingly mentors men & women who want to lead creatively abundant lives — and do ‘impossible’ things, with ease & joy. Express the greatest parts of who YOU are, at www.CreativeMagicAcademy.com.

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