Sunday 1 January 2012

The Yearly Reset Button (aka Hope) by Kim LeClair

I'm a little bit of sucker for this time of the year. Fresh starts, new plans, the old is washed away and the new is yet to come. I love looking back on the previous year and forward to the next.

I have a habit (well, I've got lots of habits, this one I happen to love..can't say the same for all of them....) of getting up pretty early, about 5am each day. I do morning pages and then I spend time in my favorite chair, laptop in hand, and explore. During this time of the year, the exploration turns inward. I start digging thru old files to see what I wrote last year, trying to figure out what I was thinking 'back then' - what clues might I find to finally unlock the door to my Big, New, Free, Happy, Unusual Life?

It makes some sense that I love the New Year. I sort of like NEW in general, give me variety and give it to me in high doses. But all that need need need for change change change often ends up looking like a stressful spaghetti life. I haven't quite mastered the art of slowing down and sticking to it and keep on going even when the going gets tough.

But....good news to report. I think I may be getting better at it. When I look back on last year I see that in fact there is some shifting, some deep shifting, related to some old habits.

I wonder when you look back, what do you see? What shifts have happened. This is such a good time to reflect back and project forward. So many neat ways to connect to your dreams and goals. When you look back, what do you see?

Last night in Viniyoga class we did a meditation on Luminous Light. Can you see even the darker parts of last year in a New Light? There is no doubt that we are Always Learning, even from the dark parts. To cast Luminous Light onto those dark parts, to Learn what they have to Teach...this is my work right now.

And then on to the New, the Fresh. Oh...I do love the promise of possibility. I want to always be able to feel that, the open fresh feeling for the future. There is a small part of me that sometimes fears losing that. To be lost entirely to what I think is best described as Hope - that would be hard, that would feel closed in. Nope, that's not for me - I like Hope.

I HOPE you have had a fun time exploring your past, excavating, looking - shining a Luminous Light and Learning. And I HOPE you have a Most Extraordinary New Year -- 2012! How Exciting!

Kim LeClair has been a shadow creative for the past 40 years but is finally deciding to come out into the light. Kim is In the Process of Creating her Dream Job....Creative Director of east willow studios. For now, you can visit her at her current adventure Year of Wellness 2012.

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  1. I also love the reset button, and actually wish I could make more of them. If 2011 was one kind of journey, in a new 2012 I feel I have a chance to define a new path to build upon last years' learnings (yay!). Here's to a luminous 2012 for all!