Monday 16 January 2012

Take a Look by Aimee Cavenecia

When I say take another look, I mean take a bigger look. I'm talking about big picture thinking. Other terms for big picture thinking are: holistic thinking; expanded perspective; macro perspective; perception-enhancement; & global vision. What I am suggesting is to raise above your current level of seeing (a situation). Raise above it & see what the view looks like from higher up. You might find that it suits you much better.

If seeing is believing, that means you take what you see to be the truth. Why believe something that isn't working for you? I'm sure we have all said, or all heard the following views: I'm broke; this is just the way I am (or she is, or he is, or they are); life is meaningless; they don't care about me (or us); it shouldn't be like this (or they shouldn't be like that); this is so hard; it's impossible. Understand that there is always another view. Not only the view from another person (or animal, or insect). But an even broader view. Think aerial view. Think universal view! It's that kind of view that helps me the most. That gives me the most advantage, the most freedom & the most power.

Think of something very personal that happened to you. Hold it in your mind. It's hard to see it clearly because you are so close to it. You totally identify with it & you feel so close to every detail that it's hard to see it clearly. It's like holding a piece of paper up to your face. Imagine that paper being close, so close it's only one inch away from your eyes! What do you see? Maybe only a few letters, or maybe some blurry words that you could take a guess at. Now pull that paper away from you so that you can read the whole sheet in context, fully, & clearly. You needed some distance in order to see, right?

What about something that happened to you years ago, something traumatic? Does it feel the same now as it did then? Think of something that happened 10 - 20 years ago that made you upset. Or think of a lover you had in your life. Think of how upset you were when the relationship was over. Now take your mind to the present. How does what happened years ago make you feel now? Did the distance help to get some clarity, some ease, or greater awareness? This is the freedom that big picture thinking can give us in the moment -- in the present, while it's happening!

Even if you can't see the big picture. Even if you don't know why something is happening to you, don't worry. Just know that there is a bigger picture that only has your best interest at heart. Just the thought alone will revolutionize your life.

[The blog text is an except from my new ebook, Revolutionary Being. It will be released in the spring of 2012.] [The script image is of a brilliant quote by Mary Anne Radmacher.]

 Aimee Cavenecia (also known as AimeeLovesYou) has an extensive background as a professional artist. Her current work is becoming an expert in Seeing, Loving, and Being (SLB). Aimee has dedicated the rest of her life to studying this field and sharing her insights on the topic.

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