Monday 7 January 2013

Fresh Beginnings by Glenda Myles

A strong, disciplined mind, which anyone can cultivate though daily practice, can achieve miracles.       --Robin Sharma

January is the launch of a new year. A time of new beginnings. We begin the year with fresh ideas, hopes and dreams for the days and months that lay ahead.

It reminds me of the first day of school when you had fresh paper and binders filled with the dreams of possibility.

I start my year understanding my core desires, the words that guide me, my non-negotiable items for the year ahead and my guiding principles.

My core desires
  1. Love. To love myself and others and to act accordingly. To send out love and compassion to all.
  2. Learn. To continue to learn new things and apply all that I am learning in service of others.
  3. Abundance. To find financial success with my new business beyond what I have experienced in the past.
  4. Give Back. To enjoy the freedom of my entrepreneurship by giving back to others, to being of service, to practice humility.
  5. Travel. To see new places and enjoy new experiences. To soak in new cultures.
  6. Teach. I love leading workshops, consulting with clients, showing them how to do things, and helping people in general.

My words for the year – Strategy, Passion, Blissiplines

Once again this year I got My Word Goddess Guidance readings from Amy Palko. My goddess for 2013 is Athena, the warrior Goddess. And the word that I selected from her is strategy. Looking at the big picture, my dreams and desires for my life and strategically deciding on the next move so I can live my life fully.

In order to do that I must indulge in my passions and bring passion to all that I do. The right attitude can change the whole game. Part of this effort is not only the attitude but giving me the time and space to indulge in that which fills me up, brings me joy, and energizes me. 2013 will see me bring new programs, new ideas and new passions into being.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and victory. Blissipline is taking that same concept but applying it to the things that bring you bliss/joy. Do what you love consistently, do the work consistently and success will follow.

My Non-Negotiable

I have non-negotiable items that are to be done with consistency - daily or weekly. As Brian Johnson would say, when you do things persistently, patiently, diligently and playfully you are bound to be successful.
  1. Sadhana: Every morning before all else do my yoga, meditation and chanting practice
  2. Unplugging: At least 1/2 day off technology every week
  3. Study: commit to regular study hours every week to ensure I get the most out of all the courses I am taking.
  4. Self-care: do something every week to take care of myself
  5. Network: Meet one potential or current client every week.

My 2013 guiding principles
  1. To live in alignment with my thought, words and actions
  2. To live an authentic expression of my Self
  3. To practice compassion with self and others
  4. To work with others to support my business goals

How do you start the year off?

What do you do to prepare yourself for the fresh start?

Glenda at Myles Ahead Studio is a professional marketing strategist working to bring more creativity into business and make more ideas come to life. 

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