Saturday 5 January 2013

Start by Angel Young

Start now. It's January. The traditional time of New Year's resolutions. The trick is to choose small things. You don't need to map out your whole life right now! How about one thing? After all a little light can build into something brighter.

  • Maybe buy some flowers for yourself
  • Or do a little sketch
  • Or workout how to get your stuff on etsy
  • Or draft a blog post
  • Or choose a supportive word for the year
  • Or just take the time to dream a little, to start making new world in your own mind. It's a pleasure in itself.

Sometimes it's also about stopping. What can you stop doing? Watching too much TV, working too hard, prioritising everyone else above yourself? Maybe just pick one thing and see how you get on. No need to get dispirited as change has moments of flow and moments of stasis.

The main thing is just to love yourself - start respecting yourself and your own needs and the rest will follow. Maybe the answer is just to start there.

Angel lives in the UK and loves film photography.


  1. I'm starting a new habit that I'm actually quite enjoying - the end-of-day tidy-up. It brings out the kindergartener in me. I kind of feel like I should even dedicate a special song to the process!

    My attitude towards this kind of thing totally turned around when I realized that tending my home was a way of being loving. Thank you for the reminder to love.

  2. I love Jamie's new habit in her comment, and seeing simple, small actions as loving. Thanks, Angel for this idea. So for me, right now, I choose to embrace my artistic side and begin learning new music-making software and equipment. It's a steep learning curve, but I'll try to take it one little step at a time, and celebrate the little "victories" along the way.