Monday 6 May 2013

Creative spark by Kate Wolfe-Jenson

I sing of the creative spark
that wakes us up 
and moves us out
into the big wide world.

In answer to its joyful call
we smear with paint
we play with words
we celebrate our souls.

But if we try to push it down
the seas turn rough
the skies turn dark
our lives turn dry indeed.

Well-nourished your creative spark
will lift you clear 
will give you strength
will bring you back to life.

Kate Wolfe-Jenson is learning to nourish her rebellious tendencies. She lives and writes about chronic illness, creativity and spirituality. Interested in monsters and angels, garbage and flowers, brokenness and wholeness, she suspects they call us toward joy if we let them. Someday she hopes to dissolve into a ball of light. Her blog is

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  1. and you WILL dissolve into a ball of light someday Kate!