Saturday 4 August 2012

Listening to Intuition by Alli Vainshtein

Listening to intuition is the easiest and the hardest thing to do in life. It is easy once you learn to do it. But teaching someone else to do it is very difficult. Intuition is different for everyone. It is how you connect with yourself, your own inner wisdom, and how you let yourself connect to the wisdom of the universe.

 Now defining the wisdom of the universe, I believe that is different for everyone. I believe one's relationship to God, the Goddess, or the Universe is something that each person needs to explore on their own.

The key is to be quiet.  Listen. Praying and meditating are best done in silence, giving you time to listen.  I have always resisted the quiet time. It sounds boring to just sit in silence. It's hard to turn your mind off. It's difficult not to be distracted. It takes time. Be patient with yourself. Focusing inward is not easy, but that's where the small still voice will come from. True, some people say they hear an audible voice, but that's the exception and not the rule. Meditating can be easier if you begin with a guided meditation. Someone actually talks throughout the meditation, making suggestions on how to focus your attention. This is how I started. I can recommend a great recorded meditation. They are only $7 apiece, and there are even a couple of free ones. I highly recommend the MINDFULNESS one (which is free) to see if you like guided meditation. Some people find it distracting.

Now your intuition will never tell you something that goes against what you believe to be right. Listen carefully. It will feel good. The message may be surprising, but it will feel right. When you listen, always listen with the that this will be your best, highest good, and the best, highest good for the universe. I believe the purity of your intention is very important.

Your intuition can also speak to you in how you feel. Have you ever met someone and instantly disliked them for no good reason? I know I have. My second reaction is that I shouldn't judge people by the way they look and I tend to overlook that first impression - I have been burned many times this way.

They also say when you are taking a multiple choice test, go with your first impression then move on to the next question. Your first impression is usually your intuition telling you the answer you already know.

Last winter, there was one morning that I felt I should leave for work early. I got up an hour earlier than usual. When I got to the school, there was a student there that needed my help desperately. A week later, I woke up early with the intention of meeting with a student and I heard my intuition tell me to stay at home for another hour. I have a long commute, so this would mean that I would get there at the last minute. I listened to it, and discovered there was a very large accident on the road. If I had been there earlier, I may have been part of it. If I had been there my usual time, I would be in the long line of cars stuck behind the accident. Instead, they had set up the detour and I sailed right past it. There are many examples in my life, some life-threatening, others rather mundane, but I have found that the more I listen with the intent to hear, the more efficient my life becomes.

Develop your intuition. It will help you to be true to yourself and more true to others.

Alli Vainshtein is a Reiki Healer and  a college Business and Accounting instructor in Tropical Southern Minnesota. She lives with her husband, Igal, and a feline dictator, Pooh. She loves to take pictures of nature, write stories, paint, and make music. Her spiritual journey with Jamie has been amazing, the Circe's Circle last year was transformational and opened her up to higher vibrations. She loves life.

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