Wednesday 15 August 2012

Make Your Dreams Come True with Circe's Circle - Registration for the Fall Session Is Now Open

(The calls referred to are from previous years but the video introduces you to what Circe's Circle is all about.

The amazing dreamers who make up Creative Dream Journals are all alumnae of a powerful small coaching program called Circe's Circle: Your Creative Dream Team. Led by creative living coach Jamie Ridler, this program is designed to help you bring a project to life in an inspiring environment, adding powerful tools to your dreamer's resource kit and growing your awareness of and confidence in your own unique magnificence. This program is only offered a few times a year and is limited to 7 dreamers per session. The winter session starts at the end of January and enrollment is open now.

Circe's Circle...

  • is an intimate 10-week coaching telecircle that provides a supportive and encouraging environment that nurtures your dreams by helping you bring a creative project to life
  • provides a powerful structure for moving you forward towards your creative dreams
  • is rich with discussion, insight, brainstorming, visualization, creative exercises, laughter and connecting
  • is limited to 7 participants so everyone gets a chance to share and to receive support and encouragement weekly
  • takes place over the phone, so you can participate from anywhere in the world
  • is magic

"It's really one of the best things I've ever done for myself and my creativity." Monica.

Circe’s Circle is ideal for people who...

  • are ready to stir up their creative juices and get into action
  • want to start or make fresh progress on a creative project that is close to their heart. Whether it's a blog, a book or a business, Circe's Circle is the ideal place to make progress on your creative dream.
  • are aching for regularly scheduled time for themselves
  • haven't a clue what their creative project is but know they want one
  • are tired of going it alone
  • want to connect with a community of independent, creative dreamers and believers
  • You!

"Circe's Circle is what inspired me to embrace my inner foodie and I think saved my sanity! I can not recommend it highly enough for people who are serious about making big dreams come true. Is it time to change your life forever?" Suzie the Foodie

Each & every call, you will...

  • Activate your connection with your self, your project and a group of creative, loving, supportive women.
  • Have dedicated time for your dreams. Your project gets personal attention every single time.
  • Receive personal creative coaching from me. If you've been in other programs, you know how rare this is. In Circe's Circle you have my personal attention every single week.
  • Gain tools and strategies that will guide you in creating the next project and the next and the next, skills that will last you a lifetime.
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. Everyone has the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations and suggestions, when welcomed.
  • Share the journey so you learn not only from your own experience and the content of the program but also through hearing from other creatives, the strategies they're using, the learning they're applying, the things that have worked for them and the things that they're leaving behind. This will move you forward exponentially!

Call 1: Connection & Clarity

  • During our first call we will focus on getting to know ourselves, one another and each project in the circle. In the Circe's Circle viewfinder, you will discover more about your project than you've ever known before.

Call 2: Casting

  • We'll cast forward into the future, connecting your project to your big dreams and invoking the magic of visioning.

Call 3: Touchstones (part 1)

  • We will name and identify key touchstones that have personal meaning to you, powerful tools for affirming you are on the right path and moving towards your dreams.

Call 4: Touchstones (part 2)

  • We will spend more time with these guiding principles so you feel deeply grounded and connected to what you most value on this journey.

Call 5: Self-Nourishment

  • As creative people, we build our dreams from our very selves. Learning to nourish ourselves is a crucial step in bringing our dreams to life.

Call 6: Course Check

  • At the midway mark, we stop and take note of all that has been accomplished thus far, make any course corrections that need to be made and set our sites on what we'll be celebrating at the end of the circle.

Call 7: Body Wisdom

  • Our body is one of our greatest resources. We'll learn how to connect to the body's wisdom and ask for its guidance in moving forward with our project.

Call 8: Your Magnificent Self (part 1)

  • A magical thing happens as you bring your project to life, who you are as a creator starts to become clearer. We'll discover what makes you uniquely, magnificently you.

Call 9: Your Magnificent Self (part 2)

  • Confidence comes from knowing, believing in and acting upon your authentic self. We'll continue to discover, draw on and develop your connection to the truth and beauty of your magnificent self.

Call 10: Celebration

  • Celebration is just the right way to open the circle! We will acknowledge all that you've learned, all you've created, how far you've come and what's next. You'll leave the circle with a toolkit full of dream strategies ready to take on all the amazing ideas, opportunities and projects that are sure to unfold!

As well...

  • The circle will have its own Facebook Group where you can connect and share throughout the week. You'll be able to ask questions, share celebrations, struggles, ideas. It's a beautiful home base for you and your dreams.

Circe's Circle is certified organic...

  • By that I mean that the content grows out of the organic soil of each circle. At my discretion one or some of these topics may be swapped out to make room for other topics that are deeply relevant to the group.

"Circe’s Circle has been a tremendous jumpstart in turning my artistic dreams into a reality." Jessie Marianiello

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Download Circe's Circle Enrollment Package

Success Stories...

Circe's Circle members have created the most amazing magic in the world! Some of the projects that have come to life are: workshops,e-courses, businesses, blogs, paintings, websites, membership sites, written pieces, increased confidence, increased clarity, increased creativity, a sense of direction, a sense of possibility, magic.

  • Mo Clancy: "It felt as if I were in a box before, with no windows and doors. Since joining Circe’s Circle, I now have a door and through it is fun, play, colors, shapes, excitement and opportunities."(more...)
  • Andrea Schroeder: "Circe’s Circle felt like a nurturing cocoon for my dream. Knowing that I had that kind of support and encouragement helped me face the many fears that came up along the way. It also kept me on track and moving forward." (more...)
  • Jessie Marianiello: “When I first signed up for Circe’s Circle, I had no idea that I would end up starting a full-fledged business! During the time of Circe’s Circle, Stray Dog Arts was born!” (more...)
  • Helen Yee: "I learned that claiming my own magnificence can be powerful and inspiring to others, while hiding my light stifles the possibility of offering more positive energy and gifts to the world" Helen Yee (more...)
  • Amy Palko: "[Circe's Circle] helped me to take each of the strands of my identity and weave them into a beautiful fabric that I feel proud to share with the world." (more...)
  • Nolwenn Petitbois: "I have the confirmation that I shouldn’t be afraid to shine from this bright colourful light I know is inside of me. And that this is this light that guides my hands when I paint and create something to release to the World." (more...)
  • Suzie the Foodie: “I came to Circe’s Circle broken and uninspired. A year later I now am one of The Food Network’s online writers and photographers for their blog.” (more...)
  • Tammy Durham: “To my surprise, my goals are now happening!” (more...)
  • Susan Cadley: "Being a part of each Circe’s Circle’s sisters journey, witnessing their growth and expansion, inspired me to create and step out of my comfort zone even more." (more...)
  • Aimee Cavenecia: "[Circe's Circle] helped me to embrace my sense of self. I struggled with it in the past, &; in struggling with it, I found it hard to keep my creative ventures on track." (more...)
  • Your Name Here: What will you be saying?

"I’m optimistic about moving forward, making more art and creating the life I’ve dreamed of. Circe’s Circle has given me a huge boost in self-confidence. It has already helped me create more powerfully and I just feel in my bones that I’m more prepared for any new opportunities and challenges in my journey." Helen Yee

Registration is Now Open. 

Dates: Fall 2012: Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 15, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3
Day: Mondays
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm EST
Place: Connect from wherever you are to the teleconference. We use an American bridgeline, so if you have a US plan, you're covered. Many people do use Skype to call in and save the long-distance charge.
Investment: $600 for the series plus your long-distance charges. You can pay in installments of $200/month.
Size: This group is limited to 7 participants. Is one spot for you?

Ready to Step In?


To Register: Download Circe's Circle Enrollment Package,
fill it in and email your package to Jamie.

The magic begins immediately. You'll find that even filling out the form will bring further clarity to your dreams.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email Jamie.

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