Wednesday 27 March 2013

Finding Home by Juli

I am not fond of flying.

Enough said. (I don't wish to dwell on it.)

Suffice to say that taking a picture of what lay outside my window on a recent flight - no small thing! What's an even bigger thing is the joy I found in doing it. In fact, I must have taken nearly 50 photographs on my combined flights to and from my destination.

So, what's flying got to do with finding home (other than the obvious, of course!)?

Well, for me, it's about finding home where ever you are. It's not so easy. I've learned it has as much to do with me being comfortable and 'at home' in my own skin as anything else.

Don't get me wrong. I still feel like I'm not 'at home' in lots of situations and lots of places. Sometimes I overcome it. Sometimes I don't. And, sometimes it takes a lot of energy for me to feel at home..and I don't want to work that hard..sometimes.

But, there are moments when I can find myself feeling at ease..feeling relaxed. If I can get past the fear, ease seems to follow.

And, as my recent flights seemed to prove, joy is also waiting in the wings!

Juli lives in Toronto, Canada.
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