Wednesday 6 March 2013

Home is a Creative Practice by Julie Gibbons

Here's a question for you : how much stuff do you know, compared to how much of it you put into practice?

I am so often guilty of gathering the knowing and forgetting choosing not to do the practice.

Learning all of that cool stuff and not putting it to good use is a wee bit akin to owning an exercise bike and using it to hang up laundry.

My home is filled with stuff we've gathered to practice with. It's infused into our everyday, into every space, every room.

Most of it isn't left untouched for long, but I've been wondering : if home is a creative practice, can it still be called a home if no one is practicing?

I'm challenging myself to figure out how to put all of my knowing into practice this month.

It includes unearthing the exercise bike from the laundry ;)

Here's another question for you : what fabulous teachings have you learned which you could choose to practice more often?

Julie Gibbons enjoys art journaling, journal therapy and mixed media. Her passion is self discovery through intuitive, creative practice, to reveal personal patterns, symbolism & archetypes of the true self.
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  1. Thought-provoking, Julie! And not only does it invite me to think about putting my knowing into practice, your video is also inspiring me to practice guitar! (I'm just learning, hehe)

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your home. Both are warm and welcoming.

    1. I saw your photo from your first guitar lesson Jamie - so happy! Although we have lots of guitars in the house, and one of them even belongs to me, I haven't ever learned to play (yet!)