Tuesday 27 September 2011

An Artist's Prayer by Kim LeClair

An Artist's Prayer

The Earth and the wild things upon it
Stand to serve me and my most inner wishes
Forces greater than myself, God and Wisdom and Light -
I ask that you Infuse me and Guide me.
Remove my burdens, remove my walls and boundaries
Allow me to stand before you, naked and beautiful
Pour yourself into me and open me to accept your light.

I want to do good in the World
Help me to see my path.
I want to honor my gifts
Open my eyes to my power.
I want to see the unknown of myself
Guide me to my own darkness and illuminate my shadows.
Soothe and release my wounds and scars
Heal my body and soul and join them.

I want to create and express and fulfill and experience
To honor myself, to honor the wildness of the world
For the sacred love and life that surrounds me
God and Wisdom and Light – Infuse me and Guide me.

Kim LeClair is Creative Director of the newly founded east willow studios. Dedicated to personal passionate design, Kim and the folks at east willow studios want to bring you solutions that fit, filled with honest and true content, all sprinkled with heavy doses of JOY and FUN and A-W-E-some!


  1. Kim, this is such a beautiful poem. "I want to honor my gifts. Open my eyes to my power." These are such powerful thoughts and something we should all aspire to do. Thank you for sharing this poem with us today.

  2. I picked up a copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist Way last night and realized that at the back of that book, she has written An Artist's Prayer.

    I feel like a cheater...I feel like a fraud.

    I am sure that I read that poem at some point, although honestly truly I don't remember it. But it MUST have inspired me, it went into my brain and I didn't even know it.

    I really didn't copy it though. I really didn't.
    I haven't looked, maybe somewhere in that book she prompts you to write this - that is possible - but I don't remember it. I wrote this thing a long time ago and so maybe it did come more directly from that book than I'm remembering.

    So anyways, I just wanted to really give credit to that book - because clearly it was a part of my own An Artist's Prayer. I just wanted to say this - and I wanted to say that you should go read Julia's poem, and then read the book too if you haven't already. And I think if I was going to be so directly inspired by something The Artist's Way isn't the worst thing to have used.

  3. The world is full of inspirations and there's a gift when we take that inspiration and turn it into something - like this artist's prayer.

    I'm imagining how wonderful it would be if everyone wrote an Artist's Prayer!