Tuesday 13 September 2011

"Every artist was at first an amateur" Ralph Waldo Emerson by Michelle Reinhardt

So somehow in my love of perusing inspiring blogs and gathering wisdom and information, I stumbled upon a project that takes different quotes from "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and then various awesome writers share their thoughts and challenge readers to think and explore. The author today, Ana Guardia, mentioned that to be an artist one must find joy in ordinary things. For some reason(although I am recognizing that this is not unusual when something really rings true for me), this instantly makes me tear up with inspiration, excitement, hope and also a bit of frustration and sadness and stuckness. This one little post did all that. So today I decided to start getting more into the doing and less into the thinking. I decided to get my thoughts out on paper and take the risk to share "it" and all that "it" entails. I have to say this decision feels quite good.

As for finding the joy in ordinary things, I love this concept. It parallels gratitude to me. Yesterday I took a simple bike ride with my five-year-old. She has just learned to ride and the look of pride and courage and joy on her face is something that I'd love to bottle and sell. It is pure and authentic. Just an ordinary day, just a Mom and her daughter out for a ride. Yet somehow I know that this memory will stick with me as one of those perfect moments where everything felt good and right and rich and full. Simple and ordinary yet profound and moving. All a matter of perspective and presence.

So I don't necessarily always consider myself an "artist". However, in reading "every artist was at first an amateur" it made me so hopeful. I know for sure that I want to create and be an artist. I also know that I can "do" amateur artist. So I am going to start combining my amateur status without judgment and finding the joy in ordinary things and see where that takes me. Regardless of what happens, I know focusing on these two ideas will feel good and that in and of itself is grand.

Happy creating!

Michelle Reinhardt is a seeker of joy and beauty and ease on a quest to create her most authentic blissful life and hopes to help others do the same.  She is fueled by the laughter of children, people living their dreams,  doodling and dancing,  live music, yoga and green smoothies.


  1. I love that: "joy in ordinary things." Thanks for your post. What is the link for the project that looks at "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson?

  2. Seeking the goodness of life, and sharing discoveries, is a project of well being, for yourself and other's.

    Hearing these words from Mr. Emerson is very encouraging.

    Thank you.

  3. I love reading about your journey, Michelle! I love that line, "I know that I can 'do' amateur artist." Here's to simple joys!