Monday 5 September 2011

Growing Pains by Glenda Myles

Transition is to change or passage from one state or stage to another. There are times in our lives when this happens naturally. As we grow older, these transitions happen less frequently naturally and more likely influenced by external factors. Either way transitioning is a part of growing.

I’m transitioning; moving to a new stage in my life. It’s filled with hope, possibility, excitement, fear (rational and otherwise), and a strange sense of peace.

My daughter (I’m a single mom) is almost finished university and will soon be moving out. I am transitioning to an “empty nest” as they call it. One of the benefits of having a child when you are young is that I am still “young” as I enter this new phase of my life. I am forced to come to terms with the price for decisions that I have made along the way. By focusing on my career and raising my daughter, I am now alone. I want to find a life partner to share this next phase of my life.  It’s work in progress.

And that career that I have been working so hard on, well it’s time for a change with it as well. I have a very good marketing job with a great company doing work that I enjoy. But at some point in the not so distant future, I want to run my own business. I want to set my own schedule, my clients, and my work.  I have started my business, Myles Ahead Studio, and over the next year I will be transitioning to it full-time. It’s work in progress.

I read. A lot. I love books. I love to learn. In fact, it’s one of my core strengths. Over the past few years I have been working on my personal development. Figuring out my strengths and passions and what I really want in my life.  As I determine what I want, I am transitioning to living my new life. I have outlined my ideal day: what my day would look like, comprise of, if I could do anything with no limitations. I now try to align my day as closely as possible with my ideal day vision. It’s work in progress.

During these past weeks with Circe Circle, I have recognized some of the challenges that I face – most internal – to fully transition to this new life. I know there will be struggles along the way. Growing pains: the price we pay to grow and transition.

I am committed to this process and I look forward to sharing my work in progress with you.

Focus on your vision and keep going until you hit the finish line. Don’t be one of the people who believe in their vision at first but then give up. See it through, no matter how long it takes. Understand that obstacles are just part of the game. Whatever you imagine, you can achieve. Once you realize this truth, no one is going to be able to stop you. - Russell Simmons from 'Do You!'

Glenda M at Myles Ahead Studio


  1. I love the idea of outlining my ideal day and then working towards making each day as special as possible. Transitions can be hard but when you do the work beforehand to get ready, they can also be very exciting. It sounds like you have definitely prepared for this new time in your life. I am looking forward to hearing about all of your new adventures.

  2. Glenda, thanks for posting about all these different aspects of your life. I feel the same way--it's as though all kinds of life change needs to happen at once. I look forward to continuing to hear about your work in progress!