Tuesday 29 October 2013

Creative Living with Jamie with Amy Palko


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This podcast is 27:45.

This week's guest: Amy Palko, writer, academic and spiritual seeker

Website: Amy Palko Website
Community Site: Bloom by Moon
Twitter: @amypalko

Amy is a writer, photographer, academic, teacher, spiritual seeker, wife and home-educating mother of 3. She plays many roles in her life, but the thread that runs through each is the sacred feminine. Whether she is photographing close-up images of flowers, facilitating a goddess workshop, teaching her students new ways to approach narrative, or providing a nurturing learning environment for her own children, She does so from a place of love and compassion. She creates and holds spaces for illumination to occur. She has recently launched an new online community/flexible course called Bloom by Moon which explores the different cycles of the moon as a way of honouring and celebrating the sacred feminine.

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