Tuesday 8 October 2013

Creative Living with Jamie with guest Meghan Genge


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This week’s podcast is 21:31 long

This week's guest: Meghan Genge, writer


Her new website: Creating Wings
Her personal blog: More to Me
She is a partner in: Randomly Challenged, a website that is dedicated to being an antidote to all of the online social networking sites that keep you online. Its aim is to dare you to do something different.

Meghan Genge is a Canadian writer who lives and works in the UK. As part of her journey, she has launched a website called Creating Wings. With this site she hopes to 'become the change that she wants to see in the world' by inspiring people to believe in who they really are and to question the rules that they have imposed on themselves. She believes that we need to stop pretending that we are ordinary and remember that we are truly capable of anything.

Show Notes

  • Meg refers to Morning Pages, which is a daily practice of writing 3 pages of long-hand stream-of-consciousness writing recommendedby Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way

  • I mentioned my Full Moon Dreamboard Circle.

  • By the way...

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